Right now, the Circcash developer need your financial contributions in order to continue to promote and develop Circcash. The core development of Circcash would have progressed much further over the past few months if more people would have contributed to the development of Circcash.

Github sponsors:


Circcash address (this address may be periodically updated): CULtvrs3RL3Jjj8dXTLCuJZuQk8MTbpYvG

Litecoin: ltc1qtnp6c0a9xezev4ymfn8eh0jmhjfzayzhtn2msp

Litecoin: MHdLB5D4tpCgk1rYSEZ7uVWXTQzVcc7oYt

Please contact the core developer at if there is another way which you would like to contribute other than the ways listed here.

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