Circcash is the only cryptocurrency whose mining algorithm is set to solve the most important outstanding scientific problem of our day while establishing decentralized consensus for the underlying cryptocurrency.

Circcash’s mining algorithm is designed to accelerate the development of the reversible computer without compromising on its ability to securely establish consensus for the Circcash network. Recent research indicates that reversible computational hardware may eventually be millions of times more efficient and powerful for all computation than conventional computational hardware. Hardware manufacturers will be able to produce reversible hardware for Circcash mining sooner than they will be able to mass produce hardware for doing any other computation. Circcash will therefore give the reversible computing revolution a head start. Invest in reversible computation by buying Circcash since reversible computation is the future of computation unless you would rather pay a million times as much for Bitcoin.

Circcash core is now offering consulting services for machine learning for recommender systems, graphs, natural language processing and possibly other kinds applications of machine learning.