Circcash is the only cryptocurrency with a mining algorithm that is designed to solve what should be regarded as the most important scientific problem. Circcash mining is designed to make it as easy as possible for hardware manufacturers to make a profit from reversible computing hardware as early as possible.

  • Mining algorithm-Hashspin
  • Forked from Litecoin
  • 2 minute block time
  • 10 CIRCs per block
  • No halving (inflation rate approaches zero as time approaches infinity)
  • Genesis block time: Wednesday July 01, 2020 15:50:26 UTC
  • 1st block: 7/27/2020
  • 12.5% of all CIRCs mined will go to a development fund (this feature is not permanent and can easily be revoked)
  • Core developer-Joseph Van Name Ph.D. (Mathematics)

Whitepaper-Zammazazzer/CirclefishICO.pdf at master · jvanname/Zammazazzer (github.com)

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