Buy Circcash slowly.

Circcash currently has a quite low market capitalization. Hopefully the market capitalization of Circcash would increase soon, and since Circcash is the only cryptocurrency with a mining algorithm that is designed to solve an extremely important scientific problem, we should regard Circcash as a very valuable digital currency whose value will increase over time as more people appreciate the scientific problem behind Circcash mining (I am talking about reversible computation which is still the future of computation). Since Circcash currently has a low market capitalization, Circcash buyers should not buy Circcash the same way that they buy a high market capitalization cryptocurrency; Circcash buyers need to be more careful about their buying strategy.

Before we go any further, be aware that I am not a financial advisor, and I am not even a very experienced trader. If you want financial advice, please speak to a financial advisor since I do not give financial advice (and you can assume everything I say will be in favor of Circcash so do your own research by reading the Circcash whitepaper so that you can understand what I am talking about). I am simply making a few remarks based on my experiences trading Circcash on the Bitsails exchange. I also want to say that this post was published on 7/16/2021, and the circumstances around Circcash may change at a future date when the price of Circcash increases (which it should).

When purchasing an exceedingly large amount of cryptocurrency or when purchasing a low market capitalization cryptocurrency, one must be careful since the purchase will have an effect on the cryptocurrency and it will change its price. Therefore, every purchase of Circcash on the Bitsails exchange will affect the price of Circcash. For example, if you were to try to purchase $1000 worth of Bitcoin, then you can easily make the purchase at a cryptocurrency exchange, but if you were to try to purchase $1000 worth of Circcash at once, you will have a more difficult time making the purchase, and you will also increase the price of Circcash as you are trying to buy. You do not want to increase the price of Circcash while buying Circcash since that will mean that you are getting a worse deal.

If you want to buy a large amount of Circcash, then please buy Circcash slowly. Be prepared to submit a relatively small buy order every day for a period of at least couple of months month and possibly much longer if you are making a large Circcash purchase. Do not make a bid for a BTC/CIRC price that is much higher than the current bid, and do not place an order for much more CIRCs than are already listed on the order book. It will take time to buy Circcash. Remember that 7200 CIRCs are being minted every day, and only some of these will be traded on an exchange. Many people may be holding their CIRCs and unwilling to sell them (good for them), so only some of these CIRCs will be traded on the Bitsails exchange. Furthermore, on Bitsails, you will compete with others to buy CIRCs for the lowest price, so many of the CIRCs can and should be bought by someone else (if you are buying all the CIRCs, you will not get them at the lowest price), so you should expect to only be able to buy about 1000 CIRCs per day.

If you purchase a lot of Circcash at once, then the price will increase but unless you continue to buy Circcash, the price will quickly decrease. This essentially causes a bubble in the price of Circcash when there is only one buyer who is buying into the bubble. Purchasing a large quantity of Circcash at once will make Circcash more volatile.

Purchasing Circcash slowly is beneficial since it will give you more time to think about Circcash and whether it is a good idea for you to purchase Circcash. If you purchase Circcash slowly, then you will observe the Circcash market every day and you will better understand how the Circcash market is currently working. You will gain a much better appreciation for the Circcash market if you make a buy order every day than if you simply observed the market casually without having to make a decision about it. Purchasing Circcash slowly would also decrease your personal risk due to the volatility of Circcash. For example, if the price of Circcash floats somewhere between 0.00000010 BTC/CIRC and 0.00000035 BTC/CIRC over the period of a month, then by purchasing Circcash slowly every day, you will end up buying Circcash for an average price of 0.00000022 BTC/CIRC. Since the price of Circcash will average out over the course of the month, you will be much less likely to pay too much for Circcash.

Yes. It takes patience and a little bit of effort to purchase Circcash slowly. But you only need to go onto the Circcash exchange about once a day, and logging on and making a buy order only takes a few minutes, so the effort you make is minimal.

Observations about the Circcash market

From December 20, 2020 to January 6, 2021 the price of Circcash on Bitsails was between 0.00000125 BTC/CIRC and 0.00000175 BTC/CIRC, but on January 7, 2021 the price of Circcash fell to 0.00000040 BTC/CIRC, and it has stayed slightly below 0.00000040 BTC/CIRC since then (this is because most cryptomaniacs do not care about science because they are low quality humans). This means that you should expect cryptocurrencies to be very volatile when they are first put on a market. This volatility can work in your favor, but if you want to trade the currency when it is first put on the market, please be aware that it will take some time for the price to settle.

From January of 2021 to July of 2021, the price of Circcash on Bitsails has been surprisingly non-volatile, and this is a good thing. This means that the Circcash buyers and sellers can buy and sell without worrying about the price of Circcash too much. This also means that Circcash is behaving like a cryptocurrency should behave. The hash rate of Circcash has also been non-volatile. The non-volatilty of Circcash is probably a result of the fact that the Circcash buyers and sellers are a little bit more sane and less impulsive than the average person. If Circcash continues to be non-volatile, then this will be a testament to the non-impulsive nature (and high intelligence) of the Circcash holders.

Good luck buying Circcash.


Do not day trade Circcash. Day trading is a very risky endeavor where logic dictates that the expected earnings one obtains is zero, and in practice most people lose money by day trading. Day trading Circcash is even worse since by buying, one significantly increases the price of Circcash and by selling, one significantly decreases the price of Circcash, so one is bound to lose money either way. You are either buying Circcash or you are selling it. Don’t try to do both at the same time.

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